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 All about Waffle-iron  

17.11.2009 г. | 23:51

Waffle-iron - a device for baking waffles. In modern waffle-iron, which are manufactured both in domestic and industrial variant, the heating is done by electric current, so they may also be known as Electric wafer-irons. Initially, the same heat waffle was carried out on open fires or stoves, and she was a two-iron plates, connected loops with each other, each of which was attached to a handle.

Electrical appliance consists of two frying plates connected by a hinge. Heating of the working surfaces of the device is carried by the tubular electric heating elements. A knuckle device allows you to capture the upper part of the open state. Roasting ovens are made of aluminium, whose surface is covered with non-stick coating.
The device can be equipped with a thermostat, which allows to change the heating plates in a certain range - typically 200-250 degrees. Optionally, a timer that signals the readiness of baked waffles. On the readiness of the device to work (heating up to operating temperature) can inform the indicator.
The earliest waffle iron originated in the Low Countries around the 1300s. These waffle irons were constructed of two hinged iron plates connected to two long, wooden handles. The plates were often made to imprint elaborate patterns on the waffle, including coat of arms, landscapes, or religious symbols. The waffles would be baked over the hearth fire.
Dutch pilgrims brought waffle irons to America in the 1620s.
In 1869, American Cornelius Swarthout patented the first U.S. waffle iron. This iron sat atop wood or gas stoves. The cast iron plates were joined by a hinge that swiveled in a cast iron collar.
In 1911, General Electric produced its first electric waffle iron, with the help of Thomas J. Steckbeck (see Abbottstown, Pennsylvania) Steckbeck is credited with designing the first-of-its-kind heating elements that used a built in thermostat to prevent overheating, a common problem with early versions. With his revolutionary design and General Electric funding, the first fully electric waffle iron rolled off the assembly line July 26, 1911. Though the overall appearance of the waffle iron has changed since then, its basic design and function has remained similar.

I want to share my own experience

In the ladle with a handle (to hold a spoon with a test of the waffle iron and does not drip!) I have a pack of butter melted margarine or butter (200 gr) / may be well to soften at room temperature / emptied the place 1 cup granulated sugar (200 g), 1 a same cup of flour, mix with a mixer, and when a little cool (so as not brewed), break 5 eggs. All again mix well with a mixer, heated waffle iron and fry, bake (do not know, as in this case, right!).
Recipe of the people and the so-called 1:1:1:5
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 pack of butter (margarine)
5 eggs
Of that number, I get 26-27 waffles it on 2 small pies. Waffle plates are well kept in the freezer (I have sometimes up to 2 months), so I spend 1 evening, but then a month to the waffles did not fall. A brush with anything anything from the fact that there is: a layer of jam, a layer of honey, butter, marmalade, banana washers, thin cutting fruit from fruit compote, sometimes remaining marshmallows, everything goes! He was a little stand up soaked and ... in the morning nothing left! Really very tasty results!
That's all!

green egg grills

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